Hp support Phone Number 18004392178 for Laptop and Computer
Hp support Phone Number 18004392178 for Laptop and Computer

The Trojan horse is in the list of malware programs and it has the potential to embed into the system. Such files come from scam and spam mails. If one clicks the unknown links, then this virus can enter. The Trojan virus can make the working on the computer miserable but there is no need to worry. One can remove the Trojans in an easy manner. There is need to follow certain steps in order to wipe off the Trojan horses from the system.

Disabling the system restore

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There is a nasty habit with the Trojans and it is the infection of the system. These infect the restore points of the system. By this, the computer can get infected on the continuous basis even after the removal of the virus.

· Opening the system properties. Right click on the computer and after these select properties. Press the Windows key +X and after this, select system.


· Click on the link SYSTEM PROTECTION

· Click configuration button

· Disabling the system protection and deleting the restore points that are saved on the PC. This will ensure the no replication of virus through system restore. After the removal of the virus, there can be the re-enabling of the system restore.


If you have not, install anti-malware program

There are free options available and these include the Avast or the Malware bytes. With the paid program, you can have the better luck. There are more definitions available. If one cannot get the eradication of the Trojan viruses by following the procedure, the good option is to seek the Norton antivirus support from the 3rd party company. It is important to select the company that has the market value so that you can get the best of the services.

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