By the help of port forwarding, one can open certain ports on the small business network or on your home and these are actually blocked as far as the access from the router to the internet is concerned. When you open the particular ports, it allows the working of the servers, games etc apart from other applications and all these work through the general router security that does not allow the collection of such ports otherwise.

In the address bar, enter the router IP address:

By doing this, the configuration page of the router will be opened. For many routers, it is, or In case, one wants to figure out the IP, one should follow the method to do it.

· Open command prompt and after that enter ipconfig/all. The IP address of the router is generally same as Default gateway.

· For Mac, open terminal and after that enter netstat-nr.

· For Linux, open terminal and after that enter route.

Entering the username and password

In case, you have configured security settings for router before, enter user name and password you selected earlier. If not, one can see the common default log ins.


Finding the port forwarding section

Each router is different to slight manner. The common labels are virtual servers, gaming, applications, port forwarding. If you do not see these, go for the advanced settings and then search Port forwarding subscription.


Finding pre-configured entry

There are many routers that have drop down menu and this comes with pre-configured options for applications that are well known.


If you cannot do the process by self, you can dial Online Router Setup Support Number the toll free for the router support at TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICES INC which is a reputed company in this area. You can also dial other tech support companies having market reputation.