Bloodhound virus is a group of unidentified Trojan viruses. Bloodhound is very harmful and tenacious virus and when it infects the system, it becomes really hard to remove it. Various methods have been developed to remove and delete this virus; some of them involve complicated procedures. It has been observed that installing the latest Microsoft updates may resolve the issue. In certain cases, the best effective method to deal with this antivirus is to install a good anti-virus or use a combination of antivirus programs to remove this virus. Read further to learn how to remove Bloodhound virus with the help of Norton antivirus program. Alternatively you can consult the experts of Norton Tech Support to get a detailed guidance on this topic.

- First of all, update your Windows operating system. It has been noted that updating your operating system automatically removes any type of security threat found in your computer. Click on the Start menu, locate Update Windows option. Follow the instructions to check, download and install the latest updates available for Windows.

- Open the internet browser you are using and click on the “History”. Before you click on “delete” to delete the browsing history, select the cookies check box to also delete the internet cookies.


- Certain antivirus programs are affective than others in dealing with certain viruses. Norton antivirus is a premium antivirus program that has a strong reputation of removing most of the virus and malware infections. Use the free online version of Norton available on the internet to scan the virus.

- It is very much possible that free Norton online scan will detect the Bloodhound virus in the system and there are good chances that it can also remove the infection.


- However if it fails to remove the Bloodhound virus, you have to run multiple anti-virus applications to remove this persistent virus. For this you can download and run Multi AV program that can combine four best available antivirus programs. Perform a full system scan with the help of Multi_AV and remove any identified virus infection.

Hopefully, this way you will be able to remove Bloodhound virus from your computer. For any other virus related help, feel free to contact our Norton Antivirus Support Number.