Image There can be a worry in your mind that there is something in the browsing history that will come back for a haunt. If you are closing the page accidentally you are using at that point of time, you can quickly move to the same page. All browsers will show you the browsing history and because of this, you will see where you have been and where you want to be.

Get help By Internet Browser Support Number. For viewing the browser history on the Google chrome, go to the Google chrome menu button. One can find this button on the upper right corner.

One can select the history. By this, one can see the stored browsing history. Alternatively one can also press ctrl+H for the opening of the page in a direct manner.


  • If you are chrome signed onto multiple devices, all the synced browsing history is displayed. One can see the various devices on page top.

Use the search bar on top of history page for searching the history records. The results are shown in the main list.


Browsing the history: Scroll to list bottom and after this click OLDER —— link so as to load another page of entries

By checking the boxes, remove the individual entries. After this, click on where it is written REMOVE SELECTED ITEMS and his is for deletion of all the entries one has checked.


After this, “CLEAR BROWSING DATA”. This is for clearing the history. Be sure to check the browsing history box.

On the upper right corner, one can click the * icon. After this, one can click the HISTORY tab and one can view the history by date. In order to change the view, use the drop down menu.


In case, the person is finding some difficulty, he can take Internet browser support from a trusted third party company and the professionals will guide him.