One wants to buy the new computer or one wants to upgrade the current one. One must know that the operating system is backbone of the interface of the computer. One will have to decide as far as the selection of the OS is concerned and this is going to have the effect as far as the usage of the computer is concerned. You need to know for what you are using the computer at present and you should also know the budget as well as the needs of the future.

One must know the fact that every operating system has learning curve for the people who are not familiar with it. One must know that the curve cannot be the same for all the operating systems. One of the minimum easy to use operating system is the Linux but there are the modern distributions that make the working with the Linux quite similar as that of the OS X and the windows.

Looking at the software one uses:

In general, windows have the software capability as there are many commercial programs designed for windows. The Macs have the approach to the Mac specific software but when it comes to the Linux community, it will provide free and the open source alternatives for the commercial software.


If you share the files and the documents with many people, it is easy to stick to the same operating system that is used by others.

Investigation of the security differences

Windows is susceptible operating system to viruses. One can avoid all the viruses by the practice of safe browsing habits.


If one needs the guidance and help; one can also go for the operating system support Number from the 3rd party company. For this, one will have to dial the toll free number.